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Founder of WhiteHat Security. World-Renowned Professional Hacker. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt. Published Author. Influential Blogger. Off-Road Race Driver.

Jeremiah Grossman's career spans nearly 20 years and has lived a literal lifetime in computer security to become one of the industry's biggest names. And since Jeremiah earned a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, the media has described him as "the embodiment of converged IT and physical security.” Preventing attacks from the scariest cyber-criminals is all in a day's work for Jeremiah, but staying a keystroke ahead of the bad guys isn't easy. In 2001, Jeremiah founded WhiteHat Security, which today has one of the largest professional hacking armies on the planet. Let it sink in. Professional. Hacker. Army.

Jeremiah has received a number of industry awards, been publicly thanked by Microsoft, Mozilla, Google, Facebook, and many others for privately informing them of weaknesses in their systems -- a polite way of saying, ‘hacking them'. His research has included new ways to surreptitiously turn on anyone's computer video camera and microphone from anywhere across the Internet, sidestep corporate firewalls, abuse online advertising networks to take any website offline, hijack the email and bank accounts of millions, silently rip out saved passwords and surfing history from web browsers, and many other innovative cyber-attack techniques – some so insidious and fundamental that many still have not been fixed to this day.

Collectively, it's no surprise Jeremiah has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, NY Times and hundreds of other media outlets around the world who rely upon his expertise regularly. Just type “Jeremiah Grossman” into your favorite search engine, you'll see. Of course, all of this was after Mr. Grossman served as information security officer at Yahoo! Being both technical and business savvy, Jeremiah Grossman is the ultimate ‘white hat.'



San Francisco, CA

April 2014 — Present



Palo Alto, CA

Chief of Security Strategy
May 2016 — March 2018

March 2018 — Present


WhiteHat Security 

Santa Clara, CA

February 2003 — March 2016

Interim Chief Executive Officer
February 2014 — March 2015

Founder & Chief Technology Officer
March 2004 — February 2014

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
October 2001 — March 2004


Bit Discovery 

Founder & CEO
March 2018 — Present



Santa Clara, CA

"The Hacker Yahoo"
December 1999 — July 2001



Thousand Oaks, CA

Unix Systems Administrator
February 1998 — November 1999


The following are some of the more popular and content rich presentation slide decks Jeremiah has delivered over the years. This content has been delivered at top companies and universities around the world.


Jeremiah has delivered nearly 400 speaking appearances, on 6 continents, and in 19 countries – so far. His subjects include hacking (of course), technology advancements, business success, effective leadership, and government policy. When Jeremiah speaks publicly, whether to small handfuls or audiences or many thousands, he targets events where he can have the most positive impact on the lives of people and the security of the Internet. One thing is for sure, when Jeremiah is on stage, no one in the audience is ever bored.

If you're a conference organizer interested in booking Jeremiah for an event, please email: .

  • 2017

    SoftChoice Launch January 2017

    RSA Conference USA February 2017

    Siebel's Energy Grid Cybersecurity March 2017

    SINC USA TOLA March 2017


    Rochester ISSA October 2016

    Rakuten Security Dojo December 2016

    Security Week's Security Conversations May 2016   

    SnowFROC February 2016

    Black Hat Briefings USA August 2016

    Walmart Cyber Security Awareness October 2016

    Whistlekick Martial Arts Radio April 2016   

    Stanford Business School February 2016

    Black Hat CISO Summit August 2016

    ISSA Los Angeles May 2016

    NG Security Summit December 2016

    Command and Control April 2016   

    AppSec Cali January 2016

    Greenhat July 2016


    DaggerCon October 2015

    IT DEFENSE February 2016

    DigitalDNA October 2015

    RSA USA February 2015

    OWASP AppSec Israel October 2015

  • 2014

    OWASP Belfast December 2014

    ISSA Los Angeles May 2014

    AGC February 2014

    Hackid April 2014


    OWASP Dublin July 2013

    ISSA Honolulu February 2013

    HackPra July 2013

    Trust in US September 2013

    OWASP AppSec November 2013

    AMEX Cyber Threat Summit October 2013

    ShakaCon (Honolulu) June 2013

    Blackhat USA August 2013

    AISA National Conference October 2013


    TEDxMaui February 2012

    Goldman Sachs Global TechRisk Forum March 2012

    RSA USA February 2012

    ShakaCon (Honolulu) June 2012

    OWASP AsiaPac (Sydney) April 2012

    SANS AppSec Summit (Las Vegas) April 2012

    OWASP AppSec EU (Ireland) September 2012

    InnoTech May 2012

    Hacker Halted (Miami) May 2012

  • 2011

    ZonCon February 2011

    OWASP Cincinnati March 2011

    IT-Defense (Germany) February 2011

    CFI-CERT March 2011

    OWASP San Diego July 2011

    CyLab (Pittsburg) October 2011

    Confabulation July 2011

    FS-ISAC July 2011

    Blackhat USA August 2011

    Infraguard Honoluly September 2011

    LASCON (Austin) October 2011

    BlueHat November 2011

    Hacker Halted (Miami) October 2011

    ISSA Los Angeles Summit June 2011

    OWASP Boston December 2011

    RSA USA February 2011

    Ruxcon April 2011

  • 2010

    BlueHat October 2010

    RSA USA March 2010

    IT Web May 2010

    Blackhat USA July 2010

    OWASP Bay Area May 2010

    BayThreat November 2010

    Stanford University May 2010

    OWASP FROC June 2010

    Web 2.0 Security & Privacy May 2010

    SANS June 2010

    ISSA LA June 2010

    OWASP San Antonio August 2010

    OWASP AppSec USA October 2010

    San Jose State University September 2010

    AppSec Brazil November 2010

    HouSec November 2010

  • 2009

    Confabulation III December 2009

    Source Boston March 2009

    OWASP SnowFROC March 2009

    Blackhat USA July 2009

    San Jose State University March 2009

    USENIX Montreal August 2009

    Cloud Computing Conference November 2009

    SANS What Works June 2009

    ISSA Infraguard Tampa June 2009

    SC World September 2009

    OWASP NY October 2009

    OWASP Atlanta October 2009

    SANS April 2009

    IT Web May 2009

    FS-ISAC May 2009

    RSA USA April 2009

    OWASP Los Angeles May 2009

    IT Web May 2009

  • 2008

    InfoSec World March 2008

    RSA USA April 2008

    Mini Metricon 2.5 April 2008

    Hack in the Box (Dubai) April 2008

    BlueHat May 2008

    OWASP FROC June 2008

    ISSA LA May 2008

    FISC July 2008

    Harvard University July 2008

    Harvard University July 2008

    OWASP Minneapolis September 2008

    Hack in the Box (Kuala Lumpur) October 2008

    OWASP AppSec USA September 2008

    Web 2.0 Expo April 2008

    Mini Metricon 3.5 February 2008

    Stanford University ACSS July 2008

    Blackhat USA August 2008

    OWASP Chicago August 2008

    OWASP Northern Virgina April 2008

  • 2007

    ISSA NY Metro May 2007

    Backhat USA August 2007

    InfoSecurity NY September 2007

    CSI Washington D.C. November 2007

    CSI Washington D.C. November 2007

    ISSA Sacramento August 2007

    OWASP Philadelphia March 2007

    OWASP Boston March 2007

    Metricon 2.0 August 2007

    ISACA NetSec September 2007

    CSI October 2007

    Vanguard June 2007

    Washington State Software Users Group March 2007

    OWASP Boulder September 2007

    IT Security World September 2007

    ISSA Symposium LA October 2007

    ISSA Pugeot Sound June 2007

    ISSA Portland October 2007

    ISSA Los Angeles July 2007

    Lockdown August 2007

    CSI NetSec June 2007

    OWASP New York Metro September 2007

    OWASP Houston October 2007

    TRISC May 2007

    SANS AppSec Summit August 2007

    Yahoo Security Conference March 2007

    RSA USA November 2007

    CB Technology Conference May 2007

    OWASP Taiwan September 2007

    OWASP San Antonio October 2007

    ISSA Los Angeles / Orange County October 2007

    OWASP AppSec USA November 2007

    RSA USA November 2007

  • 2006

    Stanford University November 2006

    OWASP San Jose June 2006

    Blackhat Japen October 2006

    NSC / ISMC September 2006

    Credit Union InfoSec June 2006

    CUISPA September 2006

    ISSA Portland February 2006

    OWASP San Jose December 2006

    OWASP San Francisco September 2006

    Akamai Experience July 2006

    Network Security Las Vegas June 2006

  • 2005

    ISSA Sacramento May 2005

    OWASP San Jose April 2005

    ISACA Sacramento May 2005

    Blackhat USA August 2005

    NATEA June 2005

    OWASP San Jose June 2005

    Washington Software Alliance September 2005

    Stanford University November 2005

    ISACA NW Ohio November 2005

    Backhat Japan October 2005

    NetSecCon March 2005


    AIPT Central Valley June 2004

    ISSA Sacramento March 2004

    ISACA Sacramento March 2004

    NetSecCon March 2004

    ISSA NorCal October 2004

    ISSA San Francisco January 2004

    Backhat Seattle January 2004

  • 2003

    NASA's Ames November 2003

    SuperCIO October 2003

    ISSA Puget Sound June 2003

    Washington Software Alliance August 2003

    Backhat Federal October 2003

    Blackhat Seattle February 2003


    Backhat Singapore October 2002

    Backhat New Orleans February 2002

    Backhat Seattle October 2002


    Defcon 9 August 2001

    Backhat Amsterdam November 2001

    Air Force Information Technology Conference June 2001


Raising awareness about the many computer security threats people face is extremely important to Jeremiah, as is helping them best protect themselves. This is why for years Jeremiah has written extensively. Sometimes he published on his blog, sometimes for white papers, and sometimes for major media publications.


Website Security for Dummies


As a testament to Jeremiah's creative mind and innovative ideas, he has been awarded several patents relating to his work in computer security.


From business press, to tech press, large and small, and everything in between, Jeremiah has been featured or quoted hundreds (maybe thousands) of times all over the world. He’s considered my many as the go to source for understanding a variety of topics across computer security.

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